Trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy training (TF-KKT)

The TF-KKT treatment model is suitable for the treatment of psychological trauma and traumatic grief in children and adolescents. TF-KKT is for children and treatment model for young people in accordance with the Current Care Guidelines for PTSD 9.1.2020. TF-CBC treatment is based on a manual that the therapist can individually adapt to the needs of the child, adolescent and family.

The training provides a certificate in the therapy of traumatized children and adolescents.

Read more about TF-KKT training (pdf 148 kt, in Finnish).

The first one-year training took place in 2020–2021 and the second in 2021–2022. The third training has started in spring 2023.

Further information on the training can be obtained from:
Aino Juusola,
Sanna-Kaija Nuotio,

Read more about the TF-KKT treatment model and order materials (in Finnish).