Updated 19.04.2024

Barnahus modell

The Barnahus model improves the efficiency of the processes for investigating suspected violence against children and the support and care of children who have experienced violence.

The European Barnahus Standards serve as a guideline.

Pre-trial investigation and interviewing the child

The aim is to ensure legal processes. Read more Pre-trial investigation and interviewing the child

Psychological support

Professional support and care for children, young people and caring adults. Read more Psychological support

Physical health

Assessing and researching physical health is an important part of multiprofessional cooperation. Read more Physical health

Multidisciplinary cooperation

Examining the child’s situation in a multidisciplinary manner according to the LASTA sieve operating model. Read more Multidisciplinary cooperation

Protecting the child

The safety of a child can be divided into physical and psychological safety. Read more Protecting the child